From ‘No Experience Actor’ to National TV in Dubai in 2 weeks

Appearing on TV is a dream to many, however very few people actually live out the dream due to all the obstacles of becoming an actor, as well as the fear of failure. However, Michael broke with the comfort zone and pursued the dream with excellence! In less than 2 weeks after the first ever casting-call he attended, Michael starred in his very first role, as a Mechanic in the new upcoming VW TV commercial.


Quick Facts:

Name: Michael

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Age: Born in 1982

Experience with Acting: 0

Full profile: Michael –



Michael had heard about an open casting and attended without knowing what it was. A few pictures and a small introduction on camera later, it was over and Michael went home an experience richer. But that wasn’t all, about a week later his phone rang and a casting agent had found his profile on Mixfame and wanted him for a role in a TV commercial. In total 2 weeks after going to the casting call and creating his Mixfame profile, Michael was shooting his first TV commercial.

VW Dubai TV commercial shoot

VW TV commercial shoot

The final outcome, the new Volkswagen summer tips video:

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